Lynn Chadwick 'Out of the Shadows'

by Rungwe Kingdon and Edward Lucie-Smith

Lynn Chadwick hardly needs an introduction. He is the pre-eminent sculptor of his generation present in every major collection of Post War art. Yet there exists a group of highly original and barely seen sculptures that shed a completely new light on his oeuvre.

Published to accompany a major exhibition at Gallery Pangolin and Pangolin London in 2009, 'Out of the Shadows: Unseen Sculpture of the 1960’s' is the most complete survey of Chadwick’s abstract works ever realised and finally recognises how inventive and experimental a sculptor he was.

This publication offers an insight into pivotal pieces through drawings, prints and sculptures and re-establishes this highly fruitful period of Chadwick's life within his career as a whole.

Please contact the gallery to purchase a copy.

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Lynn Chadwick 'Out of the Shadows'