David Mach 'City of God'

by David Mach

'City of God' started out as a kind of portrait of Christ on the cross, it developed quickly into not only a portrait of Jesus but also a portrait of man.

When David Mach began the work, he soon realized he shouldn't keep it to himself, that it would have to be shared. Thirty artists were asked to provide artwork for each of the 'rooms' represented within the open chest of the figure on the cross. What you see in this book, therefore, is the work of thirty artists, and through them the collage has become a portrayal of the search for the soul, or at least a battleground of the senses.

The artists include, among others, Adrian Mokes, Alf Lohr, Brian McCann, Dale Nicholas, David Cutts, Richard Riddick, Elaine Wilson, Harald Vlugt, Parm Rai, Peter Anderson and David Mach himself.

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David Mach 'City of God'