Geoffrey Clarke Sculptor - Catalogue Raisonne

by Judith LeGrove

Geoffrey Clarke (1924–2014) was a pioneer in a golden age of British sculpture, whose fearless experimentation with new materials and processes saw him create works that epitomise the vibrancy of the post-war British art scene. This fully-illustrated catalogue raisonné, the first of its kind, confirms Clarke’s position among the leading lights of a generation, which included Lynn Chadwick, Reg Butler and Kenneth Armitage.

There are few familiar with the full scope of Clarke’s prolific output – how it transgressed from early iron pieces, indicative of the ‘geometry of fear’, to elegant aluminium works and later wooden abstract pieces of the 1990s. Spanning nearly five decades of making, Clarke’s impressive body of sculptural work is detailed alongside other elements of his diverse oeuvre – stained glass (including pieces created for Coventry Cathedral), silver, medals and textiles also feature.

With catalogue entries accompanied by an exhibition history, list of public collections as well as a comprehensive bibliography, this book is the definitive resource for curators, collectors, dealers and enthusiasts seeking a detailed overview of Clarke’s important artistic contribution.

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Geoffrey Clarke Sculptor - Catalogue Raisonne