Jon Buck - Making a Point : The Point of Making

by Rungwe Kingdon & Jon Buck

Specially published to accompany the exhibition of the same name, this book traces the evolution of Jon Buck’s sculptural language and philosophy over three decades. In his illuminating introduction, Rungwe Kingdon follows the development of the artist’s work from narrative, painted-resin figures in the 1980’s, to interlocked ‘embraces’ in the nineties and on to today’s brightly-coloured, powerful and symbolic bronzes. The book includes a personal perspective by the artist and illustrates the growth of Buck’s ideas and images through an individual and striking lexicon of shapes.

In working with some of the foremost sculptors of the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Kingdon is well-placed to gain a rare insight into the world of making and the creative process. This gives him a profound understanding of the artist, his aims, his needs and his aspirations.

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Jon Buck - Making a Point : The Point of Making